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Extra keys are usually for an additional keyholder. We suggest that the only address you supply is for this or another third party or a work address for us to return the keys to. This ensures that the address where the keys are to be used is never disclosed, rendering the keys useless to anyone else.


You can send most keys by large letter post, beware to use standard letter post  the envelope must be under 5mm thick.

Simply cut a piece of card (perhaps from a cereal packet) twice the size of your envelope. Then sellotape the key or keys to one half and fold the other half over and place in the envelope or small jiffy bag.

Bunches of keys should be posted in a jiffy type bag or a small box with extra packaging to disguise the contents.


The Association of British Insurers advises on its website that all entrance doors should have deadlocks that at least conform to BS3621. These locks can only be opened by key. A burglar cannot just use a plastic card to push back the tongue of the lock or break a glass panel and reach in to open it.

Most older properties do not have these types of locks and a review of your locks is strongly advised. Start by checking your house insurance company’s policy or website. You are likely to find that unless BS locks are fitted, a burglary claim may not be covered. Please phone Graham Burrell for any advice on 0778 8725592 – I’m always glad to help.